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The standard Not Like predicate is supported, either with pattern expressions or with subqueries. The percent (%) or underscore (_) characters can be used to allow searching for a pattern. The percent character represents zero or more characters of any value, whereas underscore represents exactly one. An “escape” character may optionally be specified to allow searching for patterns that include a percent (%) or underscore (_) character by placing an escape character immediately before either of these characters.

Some examples of the form that the Not Like predicate can take include the following.

expression NOT LIKE ‘patternexpression NOT LIKE ANY/ALL (pattern list)
expression NOT LIKE ANY/ALL (subquery)
(expression list) NOT LIKE ANY/ALL (subquery)

When dragging a Not Like operator into a variable, the following tree element is created.

Variable Creation > Input > Variables: SQL Elements pane - Logical > Not Like

Columns and/or other expressions can be moved into the (empty) branches of the tree, where the first argument is the expression to the left of the NOT LIKE and the second to the right. The subquery element is found in the Other - Expert category of SQL Elements. Refer to the description of the Like predicate for examples of forms that the Not Like predicate might also take.

The Like operator contains one property, an optional Escape Character, that may be set by clicking Properties.