About the Disk Wipe Operation - Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)

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Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)
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February 2020
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Teradata Tools and Utilities
This operation can only be run in Teradata Support Mode.

The Disk Wipe operation is supported for Linux and is used to erase all the data on a disk array. This operation detects supported storage disk arrays attached to the selected nodes and uses DoD-standard methods of drive erasure to scrub all the data off a LUN/Volume.

When the operation completes successfully, all output files of the wipe processes are compressed in a zip file and stored on the master node. The zip file contains the following:
  • Date and time all devices were wiped
  • Erase method that was used
  • For systems with external arrays, the LUN/Volume # with the serial numbers of the drives
  • For systems with internal storage, the node name and local device names wiped
  • DiskWipe on large volumes takes a significant amount of time to run. Choosing the option of running one pass can take up to 60 hours to complete. Additional passes take additional time.
  • EMC disk arrays are not supported and cannot be selected in the Choose Hardware step for this operation.
  • PUT does not erase global hot spares in a disk array. Hot spares must be brought into the configuration (a LUN must be created) for the operating system to recognize them.
  • The Disk Wipe operation package (PUTDW) is separate from the base PUT package. Disk Wipe only works when installed with its matching PUT version (for example, you must install PUTDW version 03.05.07a with PUT version
  • For Linux, the PUTDW package has a dependency on the teradata-diskwipe package provided by the OSE.
  • The following storage arrays are supported and can be erased using the Disk Wipe operation:
    • NetApp Storage Arrays
      • Fibre Channel arrays NS5, NS6, NS7, TS8 and higher
      • Deskside arrays 6284, 6287 and higher
      • Storage arrays containing 2660 controllers
      • Storage arrays containing 5501 controllers
      • Storage arrays containing 5600 controllers
    • DotHill Storage Arrays
      • DH4520
      • DH4530
      • DH4544

The following systems are also supported for Disk Wipe:

  • Aster Appliance 5
    Disk Wipe for Aster requires a reboot.
  • Hadoop Appliance 5