About the Install/Upgrade Software Operation - Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)

Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT) Reference

Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)
Release Number
February 2020
English (United States)
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Product Category
Teradata Tools and Utilities
Use the Install/Upgrade Software operation for the following:
  • To install software (other than PUT) for the first time
  • To upgrade node software packages
  • To perform a SLES Move Op

Supported SLES Upgrades/SLES Move Ops

The following OS Move Ops are supported:
  • SLES9 to SLES10 SP3 (version 3.1.2)
  • SLES10 SP3 to SLES11 SP1 (version 3.1.2)
  • SLES10 SP1 to SLES11 SP3 (version 11.3.0)
  • SLES11 SP3 to SLES12 SP2 (TMS, Hadoop, non-Teradata Move Ops only)
The following OS Upgrades are supported:
  • SLES10 SP1 to SLES10 SP3 (version 3.1.2)
  • SLES11 SP1 to SLES11 SP3 (version 11.3.0)

Supported Storage for SLES11 SP3

Controller Firmware
280X 8.30 or higher
2660 8.20 or higher
5501 8.20 or higher
5600 8.20 or higher

Supported Storage for SLES11 SP1

Controller Firmware
6091 7.60 or higher
7091 7.75 or higher
2660 7.75 or higher
5501 7.86 or higher

Supported Platforms for SLES Upgrade/SLES Move Op

Only platforms valid for SLES11 are supported for a SLES10 to SLES11 Move Op.

The following are node types supported for SLES Move Ops:
  • TPA
  • VM&F SWS
  • Some TMS node types such as Data Mover and Unity
Some platforms support SLES10 but not SLES11; the SLES11 Move Op is prohibited on these platforms.

Current SLES Environment Setup

For upgrading the OS from the current SLES environment to SLES10 SP3 or SLES11 SP1:
  • Ensure that both BEs are present on system
  • Install the current_SLES version of the TDput package in the current BE
  • Install the current_SLES versions of the teradata-vmf, teradata-mbr, teradata-linux-config, teradata-osutils packages on all nodes in the current BE using TDput. For SLES10 to SLES11 moves, also install the current version of the teradata-osmigration package.
  • Clean up any log from the previous move effort, if there was one:
    • cat /proc/mounts shows all mounts. Unmount everything under /tmp/sles9_10 (or /tmp/sles10_11), if any.
    • Remove /tmp/sles9_10 (or /tmp/sles10_11) folder, if any.
    • Ensure /var/opt/teradata has at least 3 GB of space (du -hs /var/opt/teradata - shows used filesystem size).