PUT Operations in Teradata Support Mode - Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)

Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT) Reference

Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)
Release Number
February 2020
English (United States)
Last Update
Product Category
Teradata Tools and Utilities
You can use PUT in Teradata Support Mode to perform the following operations:
Operation Purpose
Configure Storage Module Configure supported storage arrays during module test
Configure Teradata Vantage Configure Vantage
Disk Wipe Remove all data from a disk
Firmware Download Download firmware for different types of components of Teradata systems
Full Disk Encryption Enable security on, query status for, and reprovision drives that are lost, stolen, or removed from an array subsystem
Hadoop Software Upgrade Upgrade Hadoop software on a single Hadoop cluster
Install/Upgrade PUT Install or upgrade PUT on multiple nodes in the system
Install/Upgrade Software Discover all nodes on a subnet (that have the PUT package installed) and perform upgrades or install software on these nodes
Log Collection Collect log files from selected nodes
Move AMPs/PEs Replace old nodes (and storage) with new nodes (and storage)
Reboot Nodes For systems with two or more nodes, reboot all nodes at the same time
Rename System Change names for configured systems
Set Teradata Startup Option Select if Teradata should start automatically after TPA nodes are rebooted
System Readiness Check Check system configuration and tunable settings prior to running an operation
Toggle HSN Convert all Hot Standby nodes in a system to Active nodes and restore the original Hot Standby nodes